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Little Lantern

On a Saturday evening in October of 1930, the British Empire officially launched the largest airship in the world. Looking towards the future the R101 would rival the sea faring travel of the Titanic and inspire the Hindenburgh. And just like both it’s inspiration and it’s protege the R101’s ill fated departure took a tragic turn, leaving six survivors and the many haunted voices of all that did not return.
Directed by Steve Hilliker
About the R101
The R101 airship was thought to be the model for the future, an amazing design that was ‘as safe as houses. . .except for the millionth chance’. James Leasor brilliantly reconstructs the conception and crash of this huge ship of the air with compassion for the forty-seven dead, including a cabinet minister – and only six survivors. One of the biggest disasters of British aviation history, which marked the end of commercial airships as a serious form of transport.

TV shows

Crash Kitchen

Can you cook anywhere? Crash kitchen is the cooking challenge created by Tori Rudling & Loe Fahie that puts you Out of Your Element and Out of Time.

Coming soon to your small screen.